Post Box in Brookwood

I had a number of people contact me when the post box was suddenly removed from the centre of the village a couple of weeks’ ago.

The loss of service was a key concern as well as the perceived stripping of historical assets within the village. The post box was a ‘GR’ which would have been installed during the reign of King George V, so between 1910 and 1936.

The issue isn’t a Council matter, however I quickly contacted Jonathan Lord MP and between us compiled a letter to The Royal Mail lamenting the loss and asking for the service to be reinstated and if possible, receive our old post box back.

I am pleased to say that Jonathan has received a letter back from The Royal Mail confirming that the post box will be relocated to outside the new Post Office / Bakers something confirmed by the staff in the Post Office.

It will be several weeks though until it is reinstated.

Good news that. Brookwood is the only village left in the borough with a ‘proper’ telephone box and having the period post box back in place compliments that.

Thanks to all that contacted me.



Parking Review Consultation

Last year I spent some time working with our County Councillor, Cllr Azad and the SCC Parking Team looking at parking restrictions in the ward. This was in response to requests from residents on how things might be improved.

This went through the Joint SCC/WBC Committee last year and only now has it reached the stage where it is ready for consultation. To that end the following link will take you to the documents that detail the proposals.

For the Heathlands ward, generally the proposals are spread across Woking South and Woking South West divisions.

The consultation opens on Friday 17 January for four weeks and the link to respond is included on the above page.



Missed Bins

I noticed last night as I wandered down Connaught Road that there was a missed food waste bin, and in fact, my own food waste bin was missed on Saturday.

It is vital that missed bins are reported through the Joint Waste Solutions website as the contractor Amey is measured by missed bins that are reported by residents. If a whole road is missed, which can happen for various reasons, and only one person reports it, the stats show that one bin was missed, not a whole road. This is very frustrating when trying to hold Amey to account.

Please report missed bins here:

The system is a bit clunky and generally a missed bin can not be reported until the next working day, and must be reported within two working days.

In general, the service works well, but there are the occasional failures that cause real problems, like the start of December when many bins were frozen which could mean damaged bins if they are forced, staff sickness and a vehicle failure led to a very challenging week of playing catch-up.



Railway Station Ticket Barriers

I’ve been informed by the Senior Regional Development Manager of South Western Railway that the gate line at Brookwood station goes live tomorrow morning.

I had further assurances on Monday at a Network Rail / SWR seminar I attended that there will be no impediment to access to Brookwood Cemetery.

Please let me know if you do have any problems accessing the cemetery.



Brookwood Lye Road Speed Reduced to 40mph

Many of us drive on auto-pilot and don’t immediately notice changes to the road network as we are so used to our daily drives.

From a safety perspective, I’ve been working for around two years to try and get the speed limit reduced on Brookwood Lye Road. Since I’ve lived in Brookwood, I can recall two fatal accidents, with the last just a couple of years ago.

It was a delimited road which if it didn’t have the relatively blind bend and the scenario where traffic backs up to the bend from the traffic lights, it would probably be quite safe.

However it isn’t safe at 60mph and I’m very pleased to see the limit has now been reduced to 40mph. In December 2017 I asked for a review of the speed limit at the SCC / WBC Joint Committee. You can read my post here. A review was held which recommended a reduction in the limit. To enact this, a full public consultation was required, the net result is that this week the limit has been lowered.

It won’t stop all accidents, but I hope to never see another fatal accident down this road in the future.



Grit Bins

Not a great deal to report recently and from a Council perspective, things will be reasonably quiet for most of the rest of the year.

I’ve been asked to try and get a grit bin for Elphinstone Close as the slope into the close causes hazards during cold periods. That process is on the move and we await an officer’s recommendation.

If you’re aware of other roads in the ward that might benefit from a grit bin, please let me know and we’ll see what can be done.