Brookwood Crossroads, Email and That Post

I received an email today from Surrey Highways stating that Brookwood Crossroads was to have temporary lights to enable the gas board to fix a series of leaks.

The estimated end date is Friday 14th October. The email has been corrupted and I can’t be sure of the start date, however I have a feeling it is this coming Tuesday 11th October.

WBC are upgrading their IT systems over the weekend, and I have lost email access. I won’t get it back until Monday morning. Phone me if you need me, and I’ll keep an eye out for any messages. I will be available in person on Saturday morning from 11:00 to 12:30 in the first Heathlands surgery along with Cllr Azad and Cllr Kingsbury at Mayford Village Hall.

At the BBNF AGM, I discussed That Post as I had had an email that very day telling me what was due to be attached to it. I’ve then forgotten to write about it here. The post is due to have a sign warning approaching drivers that the first side road is the station entrance, and the second is No Left Turn. The other side of the station is due to get a new sign with the reverse as it were. I still have no idea when it is going to happen however.