Red House & Training

On the Window on Woking site, my final blog post was about PLAN/2016/1030 which was to convert offices situated in Brookwood Cemetery into 29 flats. Having done a spot of canvassing, I found sufficient opposition to it to warrant me objecting, which I duly did. Today I received notification from the Development Manager that they have refused this application. We’ll see if the developer chooses to appeal.

At the start of October I went on a one day training course in Birmingham, the subject was Chairing the Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The train tickets were paid directly by WBC and were about £60 return. Being self employed, I also took a day off of work which was unpaid. I’m entitled to claim the Loss Allowance which means I will get a £100 payment which goes a little way to covering my losses. Beyond that, I haven’t claimed any other expenses, but I have been paid my usual Cllr allowance, the O&S Chair allowance and the IT / Comms allowance.