Path Across Country Park & Station

I have an update regarding the path across the proposed Brookwood side of the Brookwood Country Park.

Cala Homes were conditioned to lay the path by a certain time frame of the development. Cala decided to build the path early enabling their customers access to Brookwood Station. This is of obvious benefit to everyone, however the actual topping that was put down was and is pretty horrible, being awkward for anyone except walkers, and even then it’s not exactly great. However the fact that it has been laid early isn’t a breach of the planning conditions imposed and won’t be so until nth number of houses have been built.

Cala and WBC officers have now agreed the materials to be laid on the path, and as soon as the conditions allow, it will be laid. The temperature needs to be above 7 degrees and dry for at least 48 hours beforehand. On this basis, the earliest we can expect the path to be sorted is late March, early April. If the path is done around this time, and before the end of Summer, it will still be done on time as per the conditions. I’ll stop beating Cala up over this now.

Overall, the Brookwood Farm development is on course to be completed around June 2018.

I’ve reported the issue over motorcycle parking at Brookwood Station as briefed in my last blog entry to Tony.