Parking Drawings

Back in December, I met up with the SCC Parking team and discussed proposals that residents had suggested to me. I have now been given the draft drawings outlining those proposals.

Having confirmed what is drawn here is what residents have asked me to look into, the proposals will now go to the Joint SCC/WBC committee in March. At committee, if they are agreed, consultation letters will be sent out to nearby residents for their view. Once the consultation period is finished and depending on what comes back, the proposals will be finalised and road markings redrawn.

I’ve included two maps here showing everything planned.


The above map shows a slight modification to the section by St. Johns Court. The changes are to put double yellow lines across the mouth of St Johns Court and about a car length either side and also to create  a new parking bay. This is a significant safety improvement and increases the available CPZ bays in the village by one.


This map of the village centre has four proposed changes. Outside the launderette and Post Office, a total of five 20 minute parking bays will be created. This is good for the businesses here and improves the chances of lunchtime trade as vehicles will be able to park there during 13:00 to 14:00 and it also prevents vehicles parking there all day which disrupts trade.

The two double yellow line sections are both significant safety improvements. The section opposite the Post Office will prevent vehicles stopping there and keep the line of sight for vehicles exiting the station clear. The section opposite Heath Drive will make it safer for vehicles exiting Heath Drive, and provide a decent refuge area for vehicles travelling west down Connaught Road to dive into allowing east bound traffic unrestricted passage. It is this latter proposal that I expect will draw some criticism from those residents living in the rows of terraces as it will involve the loss of effectively an area capable of parking three cars. However, the consultation will go out in a couple of months and we’ll see what comes back.



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