Path Across Country Park

Whilst out walking the dogs yesterday in the proposed Country Park, I bumped into a couple of guys surveying the dodgy white-stoned pathway. As I said in my blog entry on 8th January this was a temporary solution which would be rectified fairly soon:

It turns out the guys I bumped into yesterday are the contractors responsible for the work. I had a chat with them and they start on Monday. They will be removing all the white stones before laying a resin surface on which small stone chips will be sprinkled over, similar to the canal path.

I have asked the WBC officers responsible for Green Spaces to look into a couple of areas of the path that will probably easily flood when it is a less permeable surface. I hope to meet them on site sometime this coming week to show them and thus ensure the path is slightly built up or a good camber is created to aid water run off.

It is expected it will take two weeks to remove the white stones, and then the new surface, weather permitting will be laid shortly after that. I don’t yet know when the path will be closed but it almost certainly will be during the resin laying stage.

I have made the suggestion to WBC officers that certain grass walkway areas could really do with raised composite duck boards on a par with those at Heather Farm. I hope this gets done as a couple of the lower lying areas have been all but unusable for the past couple of months unless wearing wellies or walking boots.

I have fed back to WBC the need to keep this Country Park as rugged and natural as possible rather that the more artificial ‘inner-city’ look and feel to the Country Park the other side of the A322. I believe that is their intention.