Canal, Path & School Crossing Lights

Had a chat with some people working on the canal today. Much of their surveying work is done and contractors will be starting on Monday predominantly working on repointing the brick works around the locks.

One of the locks has had some wood work done as well.

There were no crayfish found in this section which is good news as they burrow into the banks and cause horrendous problems further upstream.

The most interesting thing, if not a tad sad is the fact that four catfish were found when they were draining the pounds. Obviously catfish aren’t native to the canal so it is clear that people have dumped them in the canal when they’ve become too big for a domestic tank. I’ve never understood why people don’t fully research the pet they are acquiring before buying it so that putting animals under stress can be avoided.

The Canal Authority are confident it will be full of water and open to navigation again by Easter.

The pathway across the Country Park has been cleared a week ahead of schedule, I don’t yet know when they will lay the new surface as there is some debate around the ability for the current foundation to take the resin as proposed. As usual, as soon as I know anything I’ll publish it here.

Three of the four lights on the Zebra crossing outside the school have been replaced this week after a catalogue of excuses by both Surrey and the company responsible. This has been done mainly due to a very persistent resident, to whom I grateful.