Action Surrey Energy Efficiency Measures and Offers

Woking Borough Council’s energy efficiency advice service, Action Surrey, has been helping residents of Surrey for many years now, and currently has a number of initiatives focussed on Woking. Action Surrey reports to the Climate Change Working Group, of which I am a member. Whether you believe climate change is happening or not, anything that reduces power use and lowers costs for residents and businesses has got to be a good idea. With that in mind, I’d encourage you to look at what is going on below and see if you can benefit.

A project called Business EnergySMART is being launched, offering fully funded energy audits for Woking based SMEs. It provides a free, thorough assessment of a business’ energy use with recommendations and support to lower their future costs, including access to financial options, funding where available, and access to quality contractors. More information here:

For residents that have money to invest, there is an opportunity to install more desirable low carbon technologies which in many cases more than pay for themselves over time. Technologies such as air/ground source heat pumps and solar PV can still generate an income post installation, and help to reduce a household’s exposure to energy bills that are expected to rise heavily in the next few years. Often people who fall into this category aren’t aware of what’s available and or are not particularly concerned. I know this, because I fell into this category before I became a Councillor. My energy usage is over a third less than it was five years ago thanks to working with Action Surrey.

A fuel poverty fund has been launched to help potentially vulnerable residents in Woking’s most inefficient properties. Grants of up to £7,000 per resident to make energy efficiency improvements such as boiler upgrades, insulation or window replacement are available. The money is likely to be allocated very quickly, but if you know of any residents that may qualify then please make them aware, or if they are someone unlikely to be online, ask them to contact me and I’ll assist.

Further information can be found here: Surrey