Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document

WBC has just gone out to consultation regarding parking standards for developments. The consultation period ends on 22 May 2017. Further details may be found here:

In summary, this has nothing to do with parking on the road and the standards around that; that is a SCC issue which I have already fed into and will soon be out to consultation. Although it is indirectly linked as I’ll explain below.

The previous Labour Government introduced maximum parking standards in an effort to lower car use. Commendable as that aim was, unfortunately, it has not done that, but what it has done is enable poor developments to occur with insufficient parking, thus dumping more cars onto roads when parked. The current Government has changed the guidelines, and this consultation is WBC’s take on it.

As Councillor, I will be submitting a response and working with the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum so that the BBNF can also respond if it wishes to do so. I encourage anyone who has a view to also submit a response. It’s easy to do and details can be found on the link above.

I expect this policy to be in place for at least a decade, so now’s your chance to influence this important subject which affects all of us one way or another.