Proposals on Brookwood Crossroads

A couple of weeks ago, I covered the Joint Committee and discussed the potential improvements to Brookwood Crossroads.

I have a map of what is currently being considered as achievable. Crucially, it doesn’t involve knocking down West Hill Cottages which is a good thing.


I like this proposal and I have been in discussion about losing the bus stop, and the grass verge outside 1 West Hill Close. This will see two parking spaces lost, but if the verge is converted to parking, it will generate three, so a net increase of one space which is desperately required at this point along Connaught Road.

This would be a significant improvement for local traffic, will mitigate additional traffic from the Coblands development and with luck reduce the 20 odd minute wait it can take to exit the village some mornings.

I don’t know when this will go out to consultation, but I expect it will be sometime towards the end of the year. Implementation is at least two years away, and I hope to see it in place before the decade is out.