Coblands, Path and Parking Standards SPD

Nothing exciting to report on Coblands. If you’ve been past there recently then you know that steps have been taken to fully secure the site.

I have been informed that the expected planning application will be in by the end of June and that as a large development, it will have a target decision time frame of 13 weeks. As soon as it goes live I shall put the link here. It will go to Planning Committee, probably either September or October.

One of my key goals and something I’ve been pressuring people on is the make up of what ends up there. Still nothing is set in stone, but it will be a development of primarily one and two bedroom apartments and houses, with a few three bedroom houses added in. There will be a local first policy on everything that remains controlled by WBC / Thameswey indefinitely.

I am still lobbying certain key people as this is slight deviation from normal policy which I hope will become standard policy across the whole borough.

40% of the dwellings will be sold at market value. This funds the improvements to Brookwood Crossroads and subsidises the delivery of the affordable dwellings.

40% of the dwellings will be affordable to rent at a level of around 60% – 95% of market rate following WBC’s standard policies.

20% will be classed as affordable but sold at a discount to local people with protections in place to ensure they stay classified that way.

Getting 60% odd reserved for local people first is a major achievement and the 20% at an affordable to buy for local people is a first in Woking.

I accept some people will be opposed to it, but I hope the majority will see this as delivering good improvements to Brookwood, real benefit to the residents of the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Area and I hope people support it.

A kick-off meeting of WBC officers will be held next week with Cala Homes to thrash out the final details of the new path across the new Country Park. Work will have begun by the end of May, and may well start sooner. The path surface will be the same at the bonded canal path.

I have submitted my representations to the Planning Policy team regarding the Parking Standards exactly as written previously in this blog. Thank you to those residents that have provided input. Don’t forget you are free to respond yourselves at: . You have another week.

That’s it, cheers.