Meadows & Country Park

I’ve found out a little more about the Meadows; it would appear that a care home operator has acquired the site. The conclusion I draw is the obvious one; they intend on building a care home.

I’ve no idea why the path across the new country park hasn’t been done yet. I was assured it was going to have started by the end of May. I have sought an answer.

Control of the country park hasn’t yet been vested in WBC and at this stage, they are thinking of what to call it. I think the working title is Brookwood Farm Country Park. On the basis that the Brookwood Farm housing estate isn’t in Brookwood or Heathlands and the country park is, I think the name is inappropriate. Brookwood Country Park (the obvious choice) is already used in Knaphill on the other side of the A322, so that is ruled out.

WBC have asked the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum for some ideas. To that end, at the Brookwood School Fayre next Saturday, representatives of the BBNF will be on hand with a couple of surveys, one of which is asking for possible names and gauging popularity of various potential  names. Pop along and give your view.