Parking Consultation, Brookwood Crossroads and Waste Collections

Just a reminder, the parking consultation ends this Friday. If you have a view, please see my previous post on how to register that view.

The recent consultation on the A322 corridor has, I believe led to proposals which will be going to the next SCC/WBC Joint Committee. I understand this will go to the meeting on 20 September.

Only three of the junctions listed will go forward for full designs to be drawn up, which I guess will be based on the representation made. These are Brookwood Crossroads, Redding Way and the junction in Knaphill by The Vyne. The rest are being dropped.

On 11 September, WBC begin a new waste contract which will see some changes to our collections. In the immediate short term, nothing significant changes except there is a chance the collection will be earlier in the morning. A leaflet will be delivered this week outlining the changes.

This new waste collection service is a joint service with three other Surrey boroughs and is likely to save around £2.5 million across all four local authorities each year.

Woking is the second borough to go across, and for the first there has been well documented problems when they first came on stream earlier this year. I’m assured by the portfolio holder that these have been ironed out.

A couple of things to know initially. Textiles and small electrical items may now be put out every week rather than once every other week. Continue to bag them separately.

Later on in the year, food waste will be collected by a different van which inevitably will be at a different time of the day. I don’t yet know when that will start.