Country Park Path and SCC/WBC Joint Committee

The path across the Country Park has been completed and what a vast improvement. I’ve performed a non-scientific survey from users when I’ve been out walking the dogs and it gets a unanimous thumbs up. Here is a picture of it:


In November, I will be meeting with officers to review the performance. I have a couple of concerns around drainage.

The SCC/WBC Joint Committee meets next Wednesday, 20 September at 18:00 in the WBC Council Chamber. I was expecting the parking proposals and the crossroads improvements to be on the agenda. On what is published so far, it appears the parking proposals won’t be there, but the junction is.

The agenda can be read here: SCC/WBC Joint Committee Agenda and from there the results of the junction survey can be accessed: Item 10: A322 Survey Results

The primary interest to Brookwood residents is the following pie chart which shows the general feeling towards improvements at Brookwood Crossroads:Crossroads Survey

My understanding is that officers are likely to propose working up detailed proposals for only three of the junctions out of all the options listed, one of which is Brookwood Crossroads.

I will keep abreast of what the proposals look like and feed in to the process comments made to me during the initial consultation exercise.

I will try and be at this meeting, but I do have another commitment that night and may have to watch the webcast back later. I will, however pass my comments on to Cllr Azad, one of the Heathlands’ councillors that sits on the committee.