Brookwood Lye Road Planning Applications

The planning applications for the Brookwood Lye Road have been validated and the statutory consultation period has begun. The statutory consultation period is a legally binding period set out in law to ensure people have an opportunity to have their say.

It’s unfortunate to say the least (and believe me, this has wound me up enormously), that the statutory consultation period ends over the Christmas / New Year period with the planning officer requesting comments by Boxing Day. Seems ridiculous as I suspect the officer will be eating left over goose, not reading representations from Brookwood residents on that day. It’s a ‘computer says no’ type situation as far as I’m concerned.

The Planning Department has always been good at receiving and considering representations right up until the report is written which is typically a week before an application will be presented at the Planning Committee. These applications will go before the Planning Committee, probably sometime in the Spring.

Right now, I’m trying to arrange for a road show to visit a venue in Brookwood once or twice in January to enable residents to meet the team behind the proposals and allow an opportunity to ask questions. I expect to have news on this towards the end of the week.

In the mean time, the planning references are PLAN/2017/1306 and PLAN/2017/1307. The huge amount of documentation can be viewed here. You will need to search on the above references. I’ve already submitted brief comments in support caveating it that I will be writing a more detailed response soon (probably on Boxing Day)!

I will also be further setting out my thoughts in the coming days on this blog as promised. I intend on focusing on traffic next.