Pothole Update

Residents often come to me complaining of potholes in the road, not realising that I can do no more than they can which is report it to SCC. SCC are responsible for highways, not WBC. I’m only an elected WBC Member, and have no aspirations to run for SCC.

In fact, reporting a pothole to me increases the time it takes to get it fixed because it then relies on me reporting it which I won’t do until I’ve seen it myself which usually takes me a while to get round to. Far better to report it yourself using the SCC online web pages.

What I also do occasionally, is make general representations to the Cabinet Member for Highways at SCC who is Cllr Colin Kemp. Cllr Kemp happens to be a WBC Councillor as well, and so I periodically bump in to him in the chamber. He writes a blog and is also active on Facebook and Twitter. He’s been writing recently regarding the problems that come about as we leave the winter period on the roads. Please read some of his posts for an insight into dealing with the road network.