Brookwood Lye Road Speed Reduced to 40mph

Many of us drive on auto-pilot and don’t immediately notice changes to the road network as we are so used to our daily drives.

From a safety perspective, I’ve been working for around two years to try and get the speed limit reduced on Brookwood Lye Road. Since I’ve lived in Brookwood, I can recall two fatal accidents, with the last just a couple of years ago.

It was a delimited road which if it didn’t have the relatively blind bend and the scenario where traffic backs up to the bend from the traffic lights, it would probably be quite safe.

However it isn’t safe at 60mph and I’m very pleased to see the limit has now been reduced to 40mph. In December 2017 I asked for a review of the speed limit at the SCC / WBC Joint Committee. You can read my post here. A review was held which recommended a reduction in the limit. To enact this, a full public consultation was required, the net result is that this week the limit has been lowered.

It won’t stop all accidents, but I hope to never see another fatal accident down this road in the future.