Missed Bins

I noticed last night as I wandered down Connaught Road that there was a missed food waste bin, and in fact, my own food waste bin was missed on Saturday.

It is vital that missed bins are reported through the Joint Waste Solutions website as the contractor Amey is measured by missed bins that are reported by residents. If a whole road is missed, which can happen for various reasons, and only one person reports it, the stats show that one bin was missed, not a whole road. This is very frustrating when trying to hold Amey to account.

Please report missed bins here: https://www.jointwastesolutions.org/report/report-a-missed-collection/

The system is a bit clunky and generally a missed bin can not be reported until the next working day, and must be reported within two working days.

In general, the service works well, but there are the occasional failures that cause real problems, like the start of December when many bins were frozen which could mean damaged bins if they are forced, staff sickness and a vehicle failure led to a very challenging week of playing catch-up.