Post Box in Brookwood

I had a number of people contact me when the post box was suddenly removed from the centre of the village a couple of weeks’ ago.

The loss of service was a key concern as well as the perceived stripping of historical assets within the village. The post box was a ‘GR’ which would have been installed during the reign of King George V, so between 1910 and 1936.

The issue isn’t a Council matter, however I quickly contacted Jonathan Lord MP and between us compiled a letter to The Royal Mail lamenting the loss and asking for the service to be reinstated and if possible, receive our old post box back.

I am pleased to say that Jonathan has received a letter back from The Royal Mail confirming that the post box will be relocated to outside the new Post Office / Bakers something confirmed by the staff in the Post Office.

It will be several weeks though until it is reinstated.

Good news that. Brookwood is the only village left in the borough with a ‘proper’ telephone box and having the period post box back in place compliments that.

Thanks to all that contacted me.