Parking in Heathlands

WBC have temporarily suspended all parking charges in municipal car parks. Not particularly exciting as there are no shops or restaurants open to visit, but possibly handy for any key workers that need to be in town.

With regard to residential and CPZ areas, my understanding is that people may park without fear of being ticketed unless they park in such a way that the parking is dangerous. Permits will be extended to cover the period that ended up being free.

If anyone does receive a ticket for safe parking during the CPZ times in Brookwood or anywhere else in Heathlands that is not dangerous, please let me know.


Corona Virus Contingency Plans

Woking Borough Council has been figuring out how best to support the community and businesses during this unprecedented time. Critical services have been identified and contingency plans have been put into place. Unfortunately, much of the cultural programme of events, including Party in the Park have been cancelled to allow those staff engaged to be redirected to the front line.

On the Council website, the following has been published. Please read carefully:

Some people have asked about how to volunteer to help and if anyone is co-ordinating groups and volunteers. If you head over to Volunteer Plus, you can register your support:

I’ve also been informed that whilst the waste collection service is holding itself together at the moment with a slightly raised sickness level, it can’t be guaranteed this will be the case over the next couple of months.

Around 20 agency staff have been brought on to the books for the next three months to try and ensure there is a wider pool of resources. These people are due to start induction in the next few days. If things get tight, non essential collections will be scaled back, i.e. textiles, WEEE et cetera.

Above all, please keep yourselves safe, follow Government advice and look out for each other.