Garden Waste Update

Very quick update to my previous post to say that all garden waste subscriptions have been extended by a fortnight.

We’re also working with the other boroughs in the Joint Waste Solutions partnership to try and ensure the service is reinstated for the next scheduled collection.


Garden Waste

You may have read about the HGV driver issue that is hitting areas of business nationwide. A combination of factors has meant that the Council’s waste contractor is unable to field enough drivers to make all the waste rounds this coming week.

The decision has been made to prioritise the residual (black bin) and recycling (blue bins) ahead of garden waste. This means that there will be no collections of garden waste this coming week, so please do not put your bin out. We expect to continue to struggle across the summer period.

Amey has a driver promotion scheme, but has been unable to get any new drivers promoted due to the lack of HGV testing going on over the past 16 months. With current drivers taking their summer holidays, and the lack of HGV drivers in the market, it has meant we’ve been impacted.

Apologies for this and I’ll do my best to keep people informed, and regular updates will be posted to the Joint Waste Solutions website:…/latest-news/