Garden Waste Update

As you should know if you are a garden waste subscriber, our winter collection plan is in operation and we are collecting in Woking this week and next.

We started yesterday and we are collecting much more than we were expecting. We were expecting a big uplift in the tonnage, but today it was around 60 tonnes which required additional trips to the processing site. The crews are doing a great job trying to keep up.

The net result was a few roads were not completed, and they will be first on the list for tomorrow. I expect this pattern to continue during the week and I’m currently working with Joint Waste Solutions and Amey to have a Saturday collection in operation to mop up anything missed this week.

Please bear with us and if your green bin isn’t collected when you were expecting it to be, please leave it out as the plan is that it will be collected the next day.

This will be the last collection for this year, and I will be writing to all subscribers in January when I know exactly when the next collection will occur.

We still have a high degree of confidence that the service will be back to normal mid to late spring next year.

Kind regards,


Garden Waste Update

Back in September when it became obvious that the national HGV driver shortage was going to impact our options to provide a full garden waste collection, we started to look at what we could achieve with the resources available to us.

By the end of September, we were fairly confident that by working with out partner boroughs in the Joint Waste Solutions area a reduced winter service would be feasible, operating every other month in each borough. Not ideal, but better than nothing, and at the same time we were able to announce am extension of all current subscriptions by six months as some form of acknowledgement of the disruption caused.

We operated an October collection, and I am very happy to announce today that we will be operating the next collection in Woking borough week commencing 22nd November for the two weeks through to December. That gives people the opportunity to have the autumn leaf fall taken away.

Your collection will be the same as it always has been. If your garden waste is collected on the blue week, it will be collected alongside your recycling, and if it is collected on the black week, it will be collected alongside your residual.

The future is looking more positive, and by continuing to follow our winter plan, we expect to run a January collection service, probably towards the end of the month. We’re still on track to get back to service normality mid to late Spring.

Of course, things can change and we will keep everyone up to date on where we are, together with sufficient notice of when a collection will take place. Letters and emails will begin to be sent out shortly confirming this latest collection.