Garden Waste Collection Service back to Normal

I’d like to apologise for the garden waste service that for the previous eight months has fallen below all of our expectations. The reasons are well known and I have regularly and directly communicated with subscribers via email or letter over that period keeping everyone informed of our progress to resuming a normal fortnightly service.

I’m delighted and relieved to say that normal fortnightly collections will resume from week commencing the 18th April alongside the recycling bins, and week commencing the 25th April alongside the rubbish bins.

An email or letter will be sent to all subscribers shortly detailing this. A total of 13 collections were suspended and subscriptions are being extended to reflect this. A further email or letter will be sent once this operation has been completed giving all subscribers notification of their new renewal date.

As a subscriber myself, I’m certainly glad we have managed to resume this service as the growing season takes hold. I thank everyone for their patience while we resolved the challenges presented to us, and I’m extremely grateful that we managed to maintain the food, recycling and residual (black) collection services during this period.