South Western Railway Customer and Communities Improvement Fund

South Western Railway have just opened up their Customer and Communities Improvement Fund (CCIF) to new applications.

CCIF is South Western Railway’s programme to support projects that have a community benefit or address an area of social need across their network.

CCIF is intended to support small and medium-sized projects which can be completed over the course of the year.

For more information click this link.

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Brookwood Lye Woods

Some of you may have noticed clearing works being undertaken on the woods down the Brookwood Lye Road. This land is owned by Surrey Wildlife Trust and has a blanket TPO on it.

Having checked this out with officers I can confirm that there is nothing to worry about here and include below a statement from SWT regarding the works:

‘Network rail sought permission from us to access their embankment to undertake essential work, this was originally planned 12 months ago and has now started.

They are clearing a pre existing access track, removing bramble and fallen trees primarily, they have ecologists on site supervising the work! There is a felling licence in place and we have an on going thinning program with Merrist Wood College for this woodland area, in line with the site management plan and approved by the Woking Borough Council Tree Officer’.

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