Crossroads and Hermitage Bridge

There will be some disruption during the day on Monday 14th at Brookwood Crossroads while the drains are examined and cleared. It’s scheduled between 10:00 to 16:00. The task is list is as follows:

  1. Remove the stuck jetting hose from the system,
  2. Jet and plot to understand where the three gullies are routed, and if there are any issues with the system and whether it links into the Thames Water system that crosses the crossroad junction heading Brookwood Lye Road, and
  3. Clean and jet all other gullies around the junction.

This is good news as there is much flooding around here.

This leads nicely on to the Hermitage Bridge which will be closed for up to six weeks, also from Monday. I think the footway will also be closed and that might cause major delays for pedestrians as the walking diversion will have to be 40 plus minutes. The notice isn’t clear.

The closure is to enable maintenance works to be performed. The works description is as follows: Brickwork repairs, painting, replacement of corroded rivets on bridge structure, strengthen of edge member on the towpath span, graffiti removal steelwork repainting on corroded areas.

I imagine most Brookwood residents, including me will drive on down there forgetting the bridge is closed and will then be left with an annoying choice.

Kind regards,