Surrey Says

Surrey Says is a website run by SCC which seeks the views of residents on a large variety of subjects. At the moment, a key consultation is on the admission arrangements to schools.

Surrey County Council would like your views on:

  • proposed changes to admission arrangements for some community and voluntary controlled schools for September 2018
  • the admission arrangements for all remaining community and voluntary controlled schools for September 2018
  • Surrey’s relevant area – this is the area within which schools must consult on their admission arrangements.

The consultation on these proposals will run from Friday 14 October 2016 to Thursday 24 November 2016.

The consultation can be found here:

Always have your say.



Blog Archive and Hoe Valley School

Today, I’ve spent three hours getting all my previous blog entries from the defunct Window on Woking site archived on this blog. You can find a link next to Contact Me above.

I visited the Hoe Valley School building site today along with several other councillors. This is the first free school to be built in the area, and the only secondary school to be built in Heathlands ward. I expect many children of Heathlands to pass through this.

Hoe Valley School Building Site

What you see above is the base almost ready for the school buildings with the athletics track off to the left, and beyond the trees, the football pitches and multi-use games areas.

It’s due to open in September 2018.



Parking Review

Annually, a highways parking review takes place across Woking with decisions being made in the SCC/WBC Joint Committee in March.

Investigations and planning into that is about to begin, so if you have a proposal of an area on the highway that you think could be improved, please get in touch.

I will be asking for a review of the parking and yellow lines around Brookwood station and on the opposite side of the road to junctions.



Brookwood Crossroads, Email and That Post

I received an email today from Surrey Highways stating that Brookwood Crossroads was to have temporary lights to enable the gas board to fix a series of leaks.

The estimated end date is Friday 14th October. The email has been corrupted and I can’t be sure of the start date, however I have a feeling it is this coming Tuesday 11th October.

WBC are upgrading their IT systems over the weekend, and I have lost email access. I won’t get it back until Monday morning. Phone me if you need me, and I’ll keep an eye out for any messages. I will be available in person on Saturday morning from 11:00 to 12:30 in the first Heathlands surgery along with Cllr Azad and Cllr Kingsbury at Mayford Village Hall.

At the BBNF AGM, I discussed That Post as I had had an email that very day telling me what was due to be attached to it. I’ve then forgotten to write about it here. The post is due to have a sign warning approaching drivers that the first side road is the station entrance, and the second is No Left Turn. The other side of the station is due to get a new sign with the reverse as it were. I still have no idea when it is going to happen however.



Heathlands Surgery

The three ward councillors for Heathlands are to run a series of surgeries over the coming year in various places around the ward.

Cllr Azad, Cllr Kingsbury and me will be available to help residents or answer questions next Saturday 8th October at Mayford Village Hall. The plan is to run from 11:00 through to 12:30.

The next surgery will probably be in Brookwood, but a date hasn’t been set yet. I’ll obviously update this blog when I know.



New Blog Site

I discovered today when several residents contacted me that my old blog had been deleted. I knew back-end IT changes were happening shortly, but I wasn’t aware the Window on Woking site was being decommissioned.

Anyway, it’s given me an opportunity to start something new on a better platform which I’m actually quite excited about. I have asked for my previous blog entries to be recovered so I have an archive. Depending on time, I may well publish it here for the record if I can work out a reasonable way of doing it.

So, apologies for the change, I wasn’t aware it was happening, and if you have just read this and the above, then all has worked out okay and I’m very happy you’ve found me again.