Brookwood Lye Road Development

I was told today that the planning application for Brookwood Lye has gone in. I had hoped to be able mention the application reference, but I think it hasn’t been validated yet and so there isn’t a reference I can publish. As soon as I have that application reference, and I know it is on the portal, I will publish it here.

The application has had some minor tweaks over what was originally proposed, but substantially it is still the same. The Traveller site is compressed significantly in size and the number of pitches increased by one to 19. There will also be a manager’s building and possibly a single transit pitch. The bungalow will form part of the site and will probably be rebuilt as a house although I’m not sure if that application will be part of this.

The housing on the rest of the site will be predominantly one or two bedrooms made up of both flats and houses. A few three and four bedroom  houses will be built nearer the crossroads. The flats will be three storeys high and mainly up by the railway line. I do have some concerns about the block nearer the road which I think will be over bearing, however I intend on pushing for a good level of screening at that point. In total, there will be 126 dwellings.

Each dwelling will have at least one parking space with many having two although they won’t be allocated parking. There will also be a number of motorcycle bays and cycle storage for each dwelling. The parking arrangements adhere to the new borough parking standards which is currently in draft form after the last round of consultation that I contributed to.

60% of the dwellings will be affordable, with the rest sold at market value. Selling at market value subsidises the affordable, and provides capital to fund the improvements to Brookwood Crossroads. As you know, Brookwood Crossroads was one of the three junctions from the September consultation to be accepted and detailed plans are being worked up taking into consideration comments received. I don’t know when those proposals will come forward.

There will be a local first policy on the affordable which will give nearby residents a shot at the dwellings first. There is still a lot of detail to still be developed on this policy and I’m working with the Leader of the Council, and the Portfolio holder for housing to develop this. I view this as one of the three key priorities for the site.

Once the application is live on the portal, I shall write further posts on my thinking in more detail. I particularly want to cover off what I see as the benefits of the development and also address the perceived and real negative aspects.

Finally, this eyesore is going to be sorted. The village of Brookwood will benefit from it primarily by having a well designed Traveller site which has no room for further expansion, improvements to the local traffic flow at Brookwood Crossroads, and a local first policy giving people in the village local housing options.



Drugs and Anti-social Behaviour

Sorry for not posting much recently, there’s been little going on worth posting.

I was talking to some residents yesterday and the subjects of anti-social scooter riding, speeding down Connaught Road and drugs all came up.

I met with our new Woking Neighbourhood Commander, Inspector Mark Offord at the end of September and I outlined the key issues which did include speeding and scooters. I’d witnessed some particularly dangerous riding by a couple of scooter riders in the preceding weeks.

Yesterday the scooters were linked to drug dealing at the far end of the Brookwood Station car park, and I have contacted Inspector Offord asking him to proactively patrol this area.



Country Park Path and SCC/WBC Joint Committee

The path across the Country Park has been completed and what a vast improvement. I’ve performed a non-scientific survey from users when I’ve been out walking the dogs and it gets a unanimous thumbs up. Here is a picture of it:


In November, I will be meeting with officers to review the performance. I have a couple of concerns around drainage.

The SCC/WBC Joint Committee meets next Wednesday, 20 September at 18:00 in the WBC Council Chamber. I was expecting the parking proposals and the crossroads improvements to be on the agenda. On what is published so far, it appears the parking proposals won’t be there, but the junction is.

The agenda can be read here: SCC/WBC Joint Committee Agenda and from there the results of the junction survey can be accessed: Item 10: A322 Survey Results

The primary interest to Brookwood residents is the following pie chart which shows the general feeling towards improvements at Brookwood Crossroads:Crossroads Survey

My understanding is that officers are likely to propose working up detailed proposals for only three of the junctions out of all the options listed, one of which is Brookwood Crossroads.

I will keep abreast of what the proposals look like and feed in to the process comments made to me during the initial consultation exercise.

I will try and be at this meeting, but I do have another commitment that night and may have to watch the webcast back later. I will, however pass my comments on to Cllr Azad, one of the Heathlands’ councillors that sits on the committee.





Path Across Country Park

I was stunned to find contractors working on the path late Monday afternoon. Yes, the work has finally started, several months after I initially thought it would.

I haven’t been down there for the past couple of days, but will check progress tomorrow. I’m told it will be of a similar grade to the path down the canal.

I’m also meeting the officers in November to look at the path and examine any drainage issues that might exist in the Country Park.



Parking Consultation, Brookwood Crossroads and Waste Collections

Just a reminder, the parking consultation ends this Friday. If you have a view, please see my previous post on how to register that view.

The recent consultation on the A322 corridor has, I believe led to proposals which will be going to the next SCC/WBC Joint Committee. I understand this will go to the meeting on 20 September.

Only three of the junctions listed will go forward for full designs to be drawn up, which I guess will be based on the representation made. These are Brookwood Crossroads, Redding Way and the junction in Knaphill by The Vyne. The rest are being dropped.

On 11 September, WBC begin a new waste contract which will see some changes to our collections. In the immediate short term, nothing significant changes except there is a chance the collection will be earlier in the morning. A leaflet will be delivered this week outlining the changes.

This new waste collection service is a joint service with three other Surrey boroughs and is likely to save around £2.5 million across all four local authorities each year.

Woking is the second borough to go across, and for the first there has been well documented problems when they first came on stream earlier this year. I’m assured by the portfolio holder that these have been ironed out.

A couple of things to know initially. Textiles and small electrical items may now be put out every week rather than once every other week. Continue to bag them separately.

Later on in the year, food waste will be collected by a different van which inevitably will be at a different time of the day. I don’t yet know when that will start.




Parking Consultation

Back in February, I blogged about possible parking changes that residents and businesses had proposed. These changes had been submitted to SCC in December and officers had drawn up some maps:

I promised I’d publish the consultation details when I knew them which I’m doing here. It’s worth noting that I’ve not been notified of the consultation directly, and I had to get a flyer that had been pushed through the door of Sean the baker. Luckily I popped in there this afternoon.

The formal proposed changes can be viewed here: Work your way through the site and our division is Woking South West. Please read it fully so you understand what is being proposed.

You can also view the proposals at the following locations:

  • Woking Borough Council Civic Offices.
  • Surrey County Council, Quadrant Court, Woking, GU22 7QQ.
  • Woking Library.
  • West Byfleet Library.
  • Knaphill Post Office.

The consultation dates run from today through to 1 September 2017.

You can respond to the consultation by either following the SCC link above, or writing to the following address:

Mr David Curl, Parking Team Manager, Hazel House, Merrow Lane, Guildford, GU4 7BQ.

As usual, if you have a view, you need to respond to the consultation. I’m also happy to meet up with anyone that wishes to have a chat.




A322 Corridor Consultation (Brookwood Crossroads)

WBC have published today the proposals for the A322 corridor changes that I have been requesting for the past few years. Further details can be found here: Consultation Details

WBC are also hosting two public drop-in events at The Vyne Centre in Knaphill, where people can discuss the proposals with the highway engineers. No booking is required.

  • Thursday 20 July, 4pm to 7pm
  • Saturday 22 July, 10am to 12.30pm

The Vyne Centre for the Community, Broadway, Knaphill, Woking, GU21 2SP.

I’m a bit miffed that there is no effort to bring the roadshow to Brookwood as I requested and I have taken that up with officers.

There is a an online form that can be used to submit a response: Consultation Form

As Brookwood Crossroads is part of this, I urge you to have your say and follow the links above. The consultation ends on Monday 31 July 2017.