18 January

I’m not one for writing stuff when there isn’t anything interesting to say, hence nothing from me for a month. There hasn’t really been much going on in the ward.

Residents have been in touch with me about selfish and dangerous parking at school drop off and pick up times. I’ve applied what pressure I can to our Neighbourhood Police officers and I hope they will make more of an appearance. This isn’t a problem unique to Brookwood and will not go away ever. I’d ask people to take photographs and report matters to the police on the non-emergency number 101. Quite simply, the more calls that come in, the more likely someone will do something about it.

The Boundary Commission is seeking views on new ward boundaries for Woking borough. Personally, I can’t see the point in the consultation and asking individuals to design ward boundaries across the whole borough seems pretty silly as individuals are not going to have the data and knowledge to hand to design anything meaningful. The only organisations that are likely to make submissions are political parties who are only going to design boundaries that suit their ends. Anyway this is a democratic world and so if you wish to respond here is the link: http://www.woking.gov.uk/news?item=000052D52F0B.C0A801BA.00005E0E.0010

After chatting to people, I’ve decided to start listing non-tree related planning applications that are raised in the ward on this blog. The information is already in the public domain but you have to go looking for it. WBC notifies the local papers of all planning applications, and the papers do publish that, however not everyone buys or reads the local papers. Since I made this decision at the start of the year, there have been no applications except for a tree related application. When they do come along, I shall put the pertinent information here, without opinion.

For December, I never claimed any expenses apart from taking my Councillor allowance, and IT / Comms allowance.



23 January

The following planning applications have been verified at WBC:

  • PLAN/2013/1155 – 135 Connaught Road, Brookwood – Erection of 3 No. 3 bedroom dwellings and associated landscaping on former garden and car park at Station House
  • PLAN/2013/1226 – Blanket Mill Pig Farm, Worplesdon – Prior notification for the erection of an agricultural building
  • PLAN/2013/1275 – Mingary, Bagshot Road – Construction of single storey rear/side extension following demolition of existing conservatory

Should you wish to make a comment during the consultation period, please use the Planning Portal here: http://www.woking.gov.uk/planning/publicaccess



27 January

A tree has come down over the weekend in Brookwood Country Park on the path right near where Percheron Drive connect to the pathways. It is not fully blocking the path, and short people (like me) are able to pass underneath without too much difficulty. I have contacted our neighbourhood officer, and I expect the tree will be removed shortly.

WBC are requesting new members for the Citizens’ Panel. This is an opportunity to have a direct say on services provided within the borough. If you want to make a difference, follow this link: http://www.woking.gov.uk/news?item=000052E625F9.C0A801BA.000006CF.000C



30 January

The following planning application has been verified by WBC:

  • PLAN/2014/0057 – 126 Percheron Drive, Knaphill – Proposed erection of a single storey rear extension

Should you wish to make a comment during the consultation period, please use the Planning Portal here: http://www.woking.gov.uk/planning/publicaccess



8 February

As some of you may be aware, this item was withdrawn by SCC back in December when it became apparent that the plan was to make the path public access eventually through the school grounds.

In January, the Planning Committee knocked back a further application for the school as the ‘access’ hadn’t been fully thought out.

I believe the school project has now been delayed by a year to ensure it is delivered properly. This I welcome greatly.

I, and I assume many others have received a letter saying that WBC have received a new application for the pathway between the two schools. The reference is PLAN/2014/0081 and at the moment, there are no supporting documents published. I shall find out when these documents will be available because at the moment, it is impossible to know exactly what is being proposed and whether the public access of the pathway has now been dropped. Until we do know, there seems little point in commenting on the application.

WBC is seeking evidence of surface water flooding affecting the area. To be clear, this is mainly highway (including pathways) that is being flooded due to the drainage systems being overwhelmed. I’m aware of some areas, and will ensure they are documented. If you know of areas that regularly flood in the ward please try and get a picture and send it to me.



20 February

The following planning applications have been verified in the last couple of weeks:

  • PLAN/2014/0024 – Clodhouse Cottage, Cloghouse Hill – Demolition of existing property and construction of replacement dwelling.
  • PLAN/2014/0066 – Lyndhurst, Brookwood Lye Road – Outline for two detached dwellings.
  • PLAN/2014/0083 – Mingary Wood – Erection of two storey side and rear extensions and single storey side extension.
  • PLAN/2014/0092 – 1 Riverside Close, Brookwood – Erection of a single storey brick garage to the front of the property.

Should you wish to make a comment during the consultation period, please use the Planning Portal here: http://www.woking.gov.uk/planning/publicaccess



14 March

There have been no verified planning applications of note recently.

The school path application PLAN/2014/0081 came back on the radar recently. I mentioned it on the 8 February.

I’ve registered my support for the application on the portal, amongst mostly objections. The application details the pathway, including where it starts and ends. I’ve no concerns over the pathway being designated a Public Footpath through the school grounds, as the application doesn’t mention it, and my discussions with senior officers in the Council have stated that is not the intention. However, SCC Countryside Access are a consultee and they have recently said in their correspondance that it should be a Public Footpath and secured by a planning condition.

In theory, the path should be a Public Footpath across the fields, and a private footpath once inside school grounds (at both ends). To prevent any issues arising, I have called the application in to Planning Committee if officers determine to designate the path a Public Footpath by condition.

I attended the Brookwood and Knaphill Police Panel last month. It is an opportunity for residents to meet up with the local Police officers and have a chat. Brookwood is a relatively low crime area thank goodness, with only the Brookwood recreational ground experiencing regular problems. The Police are on top of this. By the way, I have asked for random speeding checks along Connaught Road on the corner by Brookwood Crossroads, and outside the parade of shops opposite the station, both of which are known speeding zones.

Not much happening recently, it’s been rather quiet in Brookwood.



6 April

The following planning applications have been verified over the past couple of weeks:

  • PLAN/2014/0213 – 48 Percheron Drive – Erection of single rear infill extension.
  • PLAN/2014/0240 – Greenacre, Sheets Heath – Certificate of Lawful Development for the proposed erection of a part two storey, part single storey rear extension.
  • PLAN/2014/0285 – 1 Lawfords Hill Close – Erection of a two storey side extension.
  • PLAN/2014/0177 – 108 Connaught Road – Change of use from post office to 1No bed dwelling.
  • PLAN/2014/0287 – 118-124 Connaught Road – Proposed change of use from class B1(a) (offices) to 2No 1 bed flats.
  • PLAN/2014/0288 – 8 Percheron Drive – Proposed conversion of an integral garage to a habitable room.

Should you wish to make a comment during the consultation period, please use the Planning Portal here: http://www.woking.gov.uk/planning/publicaccess

No one could have not noticed the sink hole in Connaught Road by the school. I saw it Thursday morning shortly after it had happened and SCC had been out and accessed it. I’ve been away in Oxford on a Neighbourhood Planning camp and when I came back Saturday afternoon, Connaught Road is closed and the water board have enlarged the hole to get to the sewage pipe. I’m extremely disappointed to not see any work going on when I’ve been there, and clearly Monday morning is going to be extremely trying for many people as traffic trying to go through the village and / or reach the station u-turn. I’m waiting for SCC to give me some indication as to when normality will resume.

I’m informed by SCC that they are performing a survey to try and address the problems that occur down Blackhorse road. The cameras are Automatic Number Plate Recognition and will capture the entry points and exit points of all cars travelling through. This is designed to allow an engineering solution to be developed to resolve the dangerousness of the crossroads. There is nothing sinister, and they do not capture speed, although to be honest if they encourage some drivers to slow down, then I doubt many people living along those roads will complain.

I’ve not claimed any expenses except my usual allowance and IT / Comms allowance.



8 April

I’m continuing to hassle the appropriate authorities over this issue. My understanding right now is that there are two sewers in that location and Thames Water do not yet know what the actual problem is, hence why the hole keeps getting bigger and deeper as they try to trace the root cause.

I’ve been in contact with the Surrey Streetworks team about signage et cetera, and I’ve asked them to look at the appropriateness of the signage. I don’t hold much hope of them amending signs to reflect the fact that the shops are still open or that the station can not be accessed via the Brookwood Crossroads end of Connaught Road. Finally, I also can’t understand why they have deviated drivers through Bisley rather than Pirbright. The only reason I can think of is that it’s not possible to turn right out of Cemetery Pales towards Guildford and that would add to problems at Brookwood Crossroads. I tend to think that most of the chaos would have happened yesterday and that as drivers become more aware the problem should lessen. Thank goodness the schools are out.

Initially I was told it would be 17 April before Connaught Road would open, I’ve now been told that Thames Water are ‘hoping’ to conclude work on site by the 11 April. I have asked Surrey to investigate the possibility of the work gang working over the weekend if they don’t finish by this Friday. I will raise it at the highest level I can if the closure goes on in to next week and I’ve not had confirmation that the gang will work over the weekend.



11 April

I’ve had an update from the Thames Water area supervisor on the progress of our sink hole.

The gang dug down over two and a half metres to fix the sewer causing the problem. They managed to prevent any sewage spillage problems as far as I’m aware and have done a good job thus far.

The chap has been onsite this morning, and the hole is now being filled in. They hope to put a layer of tarmac over the road at the latest Saturday morning with a view to the road being reopened sometime on Sunday once the tarmac has cured.

Let’s hope the Streetworks team keep the road closed signs in place for a while longer, it’s been nice and peaceful down Connaught Road recently!



13 April

I am aware of the Travellers that have stopped at The Meadows site on the A322 between Brookwood Crossroads and the Sainsbury’s junction.

I’ve checked with Five Acres and the residents there do not know them or have space to accommodate them even temporarily.

I’ve asked the WBC Enforcement team to make immediate moves to remove them from the site.

I shall keep everyone informed.



5 May

The number of travellers at the Meadows site is growing. The site is owned by the NHS so is outside of the remit of the Council. The Council enforcement officers have written to the NHS and my understanding is that the NHS has served an eviction notice. I will be pushing for the NHS to properly barrier off the site in future.

Taylor Wimpey are hosting a public exhibition to give local people a chance to view and comment upon proposals for a new residential development of approximately 85 homes on land north of Beldam Bridge Road, West End. Obviously outside of this ward, however the site is less than three miles from Brookwood Crossroads, and so the likelihood of increased traffic impacting Brookwood village at commuting times is quite certain. The location of the exhibition is The Sports Pavilion, Benner Lane, West End, GU24 9JP on Tuesday 13 May from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm. I suspect the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum will form a view if and when any planning application comes forward.

Finally, I have not claimed any expenses during April except for my standard allowance and IT / comms allowance.



13 June

I’ve been away on leave for a couple of weeks hence no updates. I was in contact with some people and answering emails over this period.

The illegal Meadows residents have now left, although there was a fraught 24 hours when they were thinking of moving to the old Coblands site. I thank the quick reacting residents of the ward that arranged for the waste material to be dumped at the entrance in an attempt to deter them. It appears to have worked.

The following planning applications of note have been verified in the last month:

  • PLAN/2014/0625 – 112-126 Connaught Road, Prior notification for a change of use from Offices into 29 residential units
  • PLAN/2014/0414 – 15 Percheron Drive, Erection of a single storey rear extension and part garage conversion
  • PLAN/2014/0381 – 42 Connaught Road, Erection of a single/part two storey side and rear extension
  • PLAN/2014/0440 – Rosewood Lodge, Rough Road, Single storey extension

It looks like developments on the Wessons site are on the move. I’ve been in contact with Wessons and they should be off site before the end of July, having found an adequate solution to ensure the business keeps running. I will attempt to contact the developer to learn timescales, although being honest, it’s proved difficult to contact them since planning was approved!

Great to see Brookwood News off the ground again with a great structure in place for lightening the load for everyone. Well done to all involved for putting the effort in both past and present. It’s always easy to leave stuff to someone else to do, but those that put the effort in are always rewarded knowing that their efforts are making a difference.

I claimed no expenses in May, other than my usual allowance and IT/Comms allowance. I will be refusing my annual allocation of a box of paper as I still haven’t fully used my allocation from two years ago. I will claim my allocated toner cartridge however.



9 July

WBC has finally published the third party consultant’s report for the Green Belt Review. WBC basically asked independent consultants to help figure out the best way forward in ensuring the borough’s housing needs are met over the period from 2022 to 2027. The report extends this period up to 2040 which is useful as the areas likely to be developed post 2027 are now known.

There are going to be a lot of people in the borough upset by what they read in the report, or rather people will be upset by how other people spin the contents of the report. The facts right now are that the report is a recommendation to the Council, nothing has been determined yet. The consultants looked at the borough from a ‘big picture’ perspective and it is now the duty of the Council officers to apply local knowledge in determining what and where it happens in consultation with other bodies, including residents.

If the Council does not provide sufficient land for development, the area is at risk from speculative applications for development in the ‘wrong’ or unwanted places. It’s a difficult problem to solve, upset people now by highlighting where sustainable options for development go and thus allow the supporting infrastructure to be improved, or do nothing and the area will develop in an unstainable way causing even more problems.

My view is that Brookwood village is in a great position as it is effectively already developed as far as possible without going upwards. Brookwood is the only village left in Woking which is still surrounded by green belt and the consultant’s report recognises that and suggests it stays that way. As everyone living here knows, Brookwood is one road, with several cul-de-sacs, bordered by the canal one side and the railway the other. In addition, the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum is actively gathering the views from local people to ensure the area develops in a way that local people wish to see.

All green space is protected by law (Brookwood Cemetery, Brookwood Heath, Sheets Heath, Brookwood Lye), and Brookwood Country Park is an area designed to help with the protection of the heathland. There are very few opportunities for development. Even the western end of Connaught Road from Sheets Heath Lane is protected from any further residential development due to Sheets Heath. I did suggest that the Coblands site be taken out of the green belt so that it could be built on with affordable homes off the back of the Brookwood Farm development. The consultants have accepted that area doesn’t really add anything to the green belt and so there is a chance it may be built out in the future.

I do have some concerns over the possible amount of development towards Mayford, as this will negatively impact Brookwood Crossroads, although I suspect many people will use Worplesdon station over Brookwood station. Once it becomes known what is likely to happen here, I shall be lobbying extensively for Brookwood Crossroads to be improved and Blackhorse Road to be made safer.

From what I understand, the process from here will likely follow a prescribed path. This report will feed into the Council’s Development Plan Document (DPD). The draft DPD is currently being written and will likely be published for full public consultation sometime this coming winter. There will then be a significant period of consultation (and time for the petitions to come in) before the DPD will go for an independent examination by an Inspector of the Secretary of State. Anybody that supports or objects to the Council’s proposals will be invited and given the opportunity to be heard by the Inspector.

The DPD will possibly be submitted to the Secretary of State by the summer of 2015 with the examination following in the autumn. Once the Inspector’s recommendations have been taken into account will the DPD be adopted.

Essentially, that gives people a year to understand what is being considered and plenty of time to feed into the process in a positive way.

We live in a very desirable area, people want to live here and there isn’t sufficient housing for everybody. This is our opportunity to work with the Council to minimise the impact of future developments on the area. Just saying no, no, no, won’t stop the process and generally puts any petitioners in a worse position.

Feel free to ask me any further questions, and if I don’t know the answers I’ll find officers who do.

Briefly, the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Area and Forum designation is before full Council tomorrow night. Officers are recommending its designation and I hope it goes through. Assuming it does, the forum will positively and formally comment on the green belt review at the appropriate time.

Finally, I claimed no expenses during June except for my standard allowance and IT / Comms allowance.



14 July

New Vision Homes are holding their next quarterly Residents Day on August 6th at Lakeview Community Hall from 12pm – 4pm. I didn’t know NVH did this, however now I do. From the email:

The Residents Days offer residents from across the borough a chance to get involved in strategic decisions and learn more about how to access our services and more importantly how they can help to shape our service in the future. There is also a lot of senior management in attendance to speak to residents. To bring the crowds in, there will be a range of free fun family-orientated activities on offer.



15 July

I’ve been dealing with an issue this past couple of weeks around parking in the CPZ in Brookwood. We all know the basic details, so I won’t go in to those, however I thought it worth mentioning the advice of WBC when for unforseen circumstances your vehicle ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are two ways to avoid a ticket. Don’t leave a car on a yellow line or in a bay without a pass during 13:00 – 14:00, or inform WBC that your vehicle will be in a particular place for a particular reason before the officers come round. WBC are sympathetic to genuine problems which are provable as they should be. I will always take it up with Parking if you think you’ve been unfairly treated. Further info can be read here: http://www.woking.gov.uk/transport/parking/enforcement

Kevin Hurley, the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner wants our opinions on Community Remedy. Community Remedy gives people a greater say in the way their reports of crime and anti-social behaviour are dealt with. Seems a good opportunity to have a say and be heard on this subject. See the survey site here: http://www.surrey-pcc.gov.uk/get-involved/communityremedy/

You may remember the Boundary Commission has been tasked with defining fairer boundaries across the borough. The Council made a submission a few months ago which was widely consulted on. The situation now is that the Boundary Commission have taken the Council submission, tweaked it a bit and are now consulting themselves. Another chance for you to have a view. With luck this link will take you directly there: https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/2341



17 July

The following planning applications have been verified:

  • PLAN/2014/0564 – Jasmine House, Rough Road – Erection of a replacement detached garage following demolition of existing garage
  • PLAN/2014/0684 – 2 Old Kiln Barn, Berry Lane – Proposed single storey rear extension
  • PLAN/2014/0757 – 52 Connaught Road – Demolish existing detached garage. Proposed two storey side extension with attached garage and proposed canopy over front porch.



24 July

The following planning applications have been validated recently:

  • PLAN/2014/0696 – Hartfield, Bagshot Road – Erection of single storey rear extension and conversion of exisiting garage to habitable accommodation.
  • PLAN/2014/ 0764 – 2 Riverside Close, Brookwood – Part single and part two storey rear and side extensions, remodelled front canopy and extension to the garage.

Tonight the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum will hold its first Annual General Meeting. Venue: Small Memorial Hall, time 19:30. You should probably come if you are able.



24 August

Nothing exciting to report recently. There have been no planning applications relevant to Brookwood.

The A322 is due to be resurfaced from Cemetery Pales to the canal bridge overnight between 2nd September and 8th September. I hope this will be a proper job and solve some of the extensive pot holes that appear there. I’ve also reminded Highways that this is an excellent opportunity to resolve the drainage problems that exist just inside Connaught Road which they had previously communicated to me couldn’t be done without a temporary four way traffic light solution. During the works, the road will be closed and a diversion will be in place. Clearly this is going to be seriously disruptive for Brookwood residents and I don’t know what the arrangements will be yet. I’ve come across this information via a Residents’ update flyer put through my door this morning. I’ve no idea how far through Brookwood this has been distributed.

Blackhorse Road was resurfaced recently, and a decent job was done too. The final works around anti-skid surfacing are due to take place about now at the notorious crossroads with Heath House Road and Saunders Lane.

Wessons moved on to new premises during July. They are still inside the Borough but it is sad to see the business leave Brookwood. However that site needs decontaminating and bringing up to a healthy standard considering its position in the middle of a residential area. I understand work by the developer has begun / is due to begin early September to decontaminate the site and there will be some disruption to owners / users of the garage block behind the site. Works are being overseen by Environmental Health, and if you are likely to be impacted or will lose access to your garage for a week, you will need to let Environmental Health know so that alternative parking arrangements can be made.

This is a bit of a soap box moment, but I was disappointed to see on a recent trip to the dump at Slyfield that SCC have a dedicated employee going through some black bags removing recyclable materials before the bag is sent for incineration. I was shocked to see the amount of material being removed from the bags. I wonder if some people who moan about the high cost of council tax are the ones who make no effort to help the council keep costs as low as possible. It is a proven fact that the council will be able to save money on waste removal if we all do our bit by recycling as much as possible and using the provided bins sensibly. Don’t forget WBC collect textiles and small electrical items as well as normal recyclable materials. Have a look at the WBC website for further information and details on collection dates.

As usual, I received my councillor allowance and IT / Comms allowance during July but claimed no expenses. I have recently taken delivery of my annual printer cartridge and a box of paper. I don’t need the paper so will probably return it when I get the chance.



28 August

An attempted break in has been reported to me today in Brookwood. Some damage was caused, but it looks like whoever was responsible may have been disturbed as the break in wasn’t as extensive as it could have been.

Woking Beat (Surrey Police) have been posting some very useful information and advice on their Facebook Page recently under the title ‘What did the Burglar say?’. If you are on Facebook have a look for their posts as some good, sound advice has been posted.

If everyone keeps vigilant, we can keep our crime rate as low as possible.



18 September

The crossroads have now been completed with I guess the minimum amount of disruption. I have a concern around the drainage as I never have received confirmation that SCC were able to coordinate the drainage people and the surfacing people to make best use of the road closure. We’ll find out when it next rains, but I shall certainly make representations to SCC if a lack of joined up thinking (especially when I pointed out the opportunity) means pedestrians still need to time their movements to avoid being soaked. I also wonder if not being able to put a clean layer of tarmac down across the whole crossroads in one night will lead to problems as the joins begin to break up in years to come. Again, this looks like something simple to the layman, and it makes one wonder why these obvious issues seem to crop up. We’ll see.

One planning application has been verified in the ward recently worthy of note.

  • PLAN/2014/0985 – 2 Riverside Close – Part single and part two storey rear and side extensions.

I claimed no expenses during August although I did receive my allowance and IT / Comms allowance.



7 October

I’ve just been informed that the proposed expansion of Brookwood Primary School will not now go ahead. The costs of making this work, in addition to the MOD basing plan meaning that fewer families have come to the Pirbright barracks makes the project unviable.

SCC is proposing to expand Bisley Church of England Primary School instead.

Brookwood Crossroads has now been resurfaced, and it looks like a good job has been done too. I questioned a gang out there one night as they were doing the manhole covers, and they informed me they are guaranteed to last five years. I am disappointed that the opportunity to resolve long term drainage issues there was lost. I will raise that with the SCC team responsible.

Finally, I have claimed no expenses other than my allowance and IT/Comms allowance for September.



29 October

As many will know, the Post Office was broken into recently. Brookwood and Knaphill is managed by the same policing team: http://www.police.uk/surrey/WKNB/ A regular panel is held which invites councillors and residents to a Q&A session with the local officers. I try to attend at least once a year. This panel is generally held in Knaphill as there is more crime there and when it was held in Brookwood in the past, it was very poorly attended. In light of the issues recently, I have asked Surrey Police if the next panel meeting could be held in Brookwood to give residents a chance to attend. I shall keep you informed of progress.

The Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum has issued questionnaires this week. I am a big supporter of this initiative as it gives residents a chance to have a say on how the local area develops. A chance denied previously. I encourage everyone to fill in the form and join the forum. Together we can make a difference.

WBC is seeking views on waste and recycling: http://www.woking.gov.uk/news?item=0000543D006B.C0A801BA.00004403.0008 Everyone moaned ten years ago about the introduction of fortnightly collections, and I’m yet to meet anyone now who would go back to the old system. Have your say on how the system can continue to improve. As a resident, I have done so.

Not that I’m going any where in the short term, but WBC is running a session called ‘Could you be a councillor?’. I’ve never attended one of these, however if you are thinking of standing, or just want to know what Councillors do (many people I meet however already know we don’t do anything), then register for the session. http://www.woking.gov.uk/news?item=00005450F2F4.C0A801BA.000063C7.0004

Finally, I know it’s still two days before the end of the month, but I’ve claimed no expenses although I have been paid my councillor allowance and IT / Comms allowance during October.



21 November

Today I attended the Surrey Countryside Partnerships Board as the WBC representative. I probably am the most appropriate person as three of the four heaths are in the Brookwood ward. The partnerships board covers Surrey Downlands, Lower Mole and the Surrey Heathlands. As ever funding is a problem, and I will be looking at ways to increase funding so that our prime green space in the ward is properly looked after.

The Pirbright branch Poppy organiser has asked me to relay his thanks for the excellent effort from Brookwood. Over £300 was raised.

There have been no planning applications of note recently. In fact I don’t recall anything in the past two bulletins.

I know it’s November, but if I don’t do it now, I may forget, WBC have published the collection dates for recycling and residual waste over the Christmas period. Our bins will be collected on the following dates instead of the usual Thursday:

  • Saturday 27 December – Blue bins
  • Saturday 3 January – Black bins
  • Friday 9 January – Blue bins

There will be no garden waste collection for the two week period from 22 December. Collections will restart from 6 January.



2 December

The Police & Crime Commissioner is seeking views on a substantial increase to the Police budget, much of which would be paid for by Council Tax. If the PCC wishes to raise Council Tax by more than 1.99% it must go out to a referendum. An online survey has been created and you can fill it in here: http://www.safersurrey.co.uk/ I have filled it in and I would encourage everyone to do so, it genuinely takes about two minutes (no, it really does). Have your say!

The Brookwood & Bridley Neighbourhood Forum has achieved a questionnaire return rate of over 25%. This is excellent and I think shows that there is a strong sense of community here in the Brookwood ward. If you haven’t responded, there is still time to have your say. It’s especially important if you’ve ever had the thought that no one listens to you or cares about your opinion. Someone does and those people are working on your behalf right now. See www.bbnf.org.uk for further details.

As usual, I claimed no expenses during November, but was paid my allowance and IT / Comms allowance.



11 December

The following planning applications have been verified recently:

  • PLAN/2014/1187 – Touchstone House, The Fairway, Worplesdon – Proposed replacement dwelling
  • PLAN/2014/1230 – Sleepy Hollow, Water Lane, Bisley – Demolition of outbuilding to erect a double storey rear extension
  • PLAN/2014/1348 – Woodside Cottage, Heath House Road – Demolition of existing house and erection of replacement dwelling



23 December

The following planning applications have been verified:

  • PLAN/2014/1300 – 180 Connaught Road – proposed two storey rear extension
  • PLAN/2014/1363 – 107 Connaught Road – erection of a single storey rear extension
  • PLAN/2014/1375 – 75 Connaught Road – erection of a single storey rear and side extension following demolition of existing utility and garage

It’s all go in Connaught Road! Unless of course the filled in sink hole near the school drops much further. A couple of residents have contacted me over this. Currently, there is a blockage by the crossroads, and that appears to have destabilised the repair done earlier on in the year. Surrey Streetworks have logged this with Thames Water, and I was speaking to a TW representative a couple of days ago. They need to get the blockage cleared first, and will then tackle the road. Assuming there is considerably less traffic using Connaught Road over the next ten days, hopefully it will hold up. I shall still drive round the repair though.

I’ve not claimed any expenses except my standard allowance and IT/Comms allowance during December and doubt I will now do so.

I will continue to check my emails over the Christmas period.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you for reading this blog.